How I Work

I tailor my approach to individual clients, depending on their particular needs and preferences. I mainly use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), however I am a pragmatist at heart, so I will integrate other evidence-based methods in order to do what works best for each client. I use a goal-orientated approach, to ensure that I stay on track with what clients want to achieve from therapy, whether this relates to short-term goals that lend themselves to briefer therapy, or a longer term, more in-depth exploration of long-standing issues. I see therapy as essentially a collaborative, problem-solving relationship and my emphasis is always on promoting a person’s autonomy so they take charge of their life and make the changes they want.

So how can psychological counselling help? While life can often be rewarding, sometimes it can feel less straightforward.   We are subject to fears and worries, external pressures and are often constrained by negative self-judgements, criticisms and self-limiting beliefs. Sometimes we become overwhelmed and lose perspective, and it can seem hard to get back on top of things. This is when therapy can help. By identifying the problems and the obstacles that get in the way, we learn to develop greater compassion for ourselves and adapt to changing circumstances, finding new ways to manage our lives.

Basically, I value people and I care about them. My sense of purpose as a professional comes from using my own particular style to help people value and care about themselves. With renewed confidence in our own strengths, we can become more authentically ourselves, liberated from self-limiting beliefs, and living the life we choose.